Pinang Island

Discover the Southern Pinang Island!

pinang island - redang island

pinang island – redang island

The Redang Island is part of a small Malaysian archipelago with not more than nine islands. Each of them has its own profile, yet most of them are underdeveloped. The Redang Island is not only the largest one, but also the most developed island in the area. It welcomes tourists from Malaysia and Singapore, but also from nearby countries. However, while most people concentrate on the local beaches, clear waters, restaurants, karaoke bars and water related activities, explorers want more than that. The Pinang Island is in the immediate closeness of the Redang Island – to the south.

Discovering the Redang Marine Park Centre

To some people, this island is a virgin place to explore. Many others refer to it as the Marine Park. Why? Simple. There is nothing on it, but wildlife and the Redang Marine Park Centre. The Marine Park Centre is located on the northern part of the island. It comes as a small reservation. It is better known for the fresh and healthy coral reefs, so snorkeling is the main activity on site. Tourists can get there by boat. Apart from snorkeling, they can also swim, get a tan and perhaps explore the island. Snorkeling is extremely attractive because the local marine life is diversified. Eels and barracudas are just some of the most popular species around. Furthermore, there is a shipwreck available for exploration too.

The local turtle hatchery is not to be overlooked either. You can admire both adult and baby turtles, not to mention the dragon fish.

Exploring the Pinang Island

Those who like exploring around benefit from the hiking experience of a lifetime. There is a safe trail that leads to the top of the local mountain. The island itself is not huge, but the trail can give you some headaches. It is not too severe though, so you can do it in sneakers or sandals. Once on top of the mountain, the view over the nearby Redang Island is breathtaking. The local forest is not dangerous. Instead, it introduces tourists to a unique habitat and plenty of species – both plants and animals.

In the end, the Pinang Island is extremely attractive, yet it is often mentioned as the Marine Park, so you may not find its official name in too many travel offers. It also has a few beaches, yet the actual park and the mountain are the most significant attractions.