Marine Park

Exploring the Activities Around the Redang Marine Park Centre!

marine park redang island

marine park redang island

The Redang Marine Park Centre is established on the Pulau Pinang Island. The park is maintained by the Malaysian government and also works as a research facility. It is one of the most attractive places to visit around the Redang Island, since it also provides snorkeling activities.

Getting to the Redang Marine Park Centre

Reaching to the Marine Park Centre is easy from the Redang Island. All islands in the small archipelago offer cheap fares by boat. In fact, almost every resort package includes specific excursions and one of them takes tourists to the facility. In this case, the ticket fee is included in the package, yet it is still worth having some cash of you. Ticket costs for children are two times lower than for adults.

Activities at the Redang Marine Park Centre

There is an impressive plethora of activities conducted on site. Diving and snorkeling are probably the most common ones. People can engage into such activities on the Redang Island as well, so most tourists will visit the park for the marine life. There are no villages, resorts and hotels on site, but just the nature. Sun bathing is ideal, not to mention swimming.

Given the coral reefs, the Redang Marine Park Centre is home to plenty of fish species, not to mention other sea animals. They are friendly and used to the humankind, so there are no risks involved. Boats on site can be rented per day. Apart from the boat, visitors also get a tour guide to show them around.

Snorkeling at the Redang Marine Park Centre

redang island marine park

redang island marine park

Snorkeling is not all about going underwater, but also about exploring the creatures living down there. Eels and barracudas are among the most attractive one, yet snorkelers are advised to be careful about stingrays. They can also be spotted around the coral reefs.

The eastern part of this park hides a shipwreck. Snorkelers are free to explore it and feed their adventurous spirits. You can find snorkeling gear for rent, but you can also bring your own.

Other activities at the Redang Marine Park Centre

Hiking on the trail will take you to the top of the mountain and provide exquisite landscapes over the entire Redang Island. Visiting the local turtle research center is highly indicated too, especially since the park has a turtle hatchery. The dragon fish is worth a little attention as well. Although it is a fish, it looks like a small dragon. Swimming, picnics, tanning and sports are also among the main activities on site.