Kampung Ru Tapai

Kampung Ru Tapai Kampung Ru Tapai

Located near the coast of Malaysia, Kampung Ru Tapai is a spot that tourists have loved visiting for years. This beautiful resort area is located in the Terengganu province, and has been a spot that vacationers have found as the ideal tropical paradise to visit for generations. There are few places on earth like it, and this is why it has become so popular.

A Little About Kampung Ru Tapai

This city is found on the eastern side of Malaysia, and is surrounded on the coast by the warm waters of the South China Sea. It is a truly spectacular place to be able to visit, because the waters are clear, the beaches are beautiful, and there is a host of incredible resorts and activities that are fun for the entire family, or for a person traveling by himself or herself, or for couples. It’s the romantic getaway of a lifetime, or is the ideal place to bring your family.


Merang Suria Resort, Setiu

Merang Suria Resort, Setiu

Kampung Ru Tapai

Escape the busy city to recharge and rejuvenate at Merang Suria Resort located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, offering cosy rooms and a wide range of leisure facilities.

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Where Can I Stay in Kampung Ru Tapai

One of the things that makes this location so great is that there are a large number of places that a person could stay, all at a very affordable price. There are several resorts, hotels, and ends available, all with private rooms and bathrooms, as well as accommodations made for a family. You will find that the service is good, and that the restaurants and shops around them are absolutely ideal.

One of the things that makes these hotels and resorts ideal is that all of them are located either along the beach line within a short walking distance of the beach area. This ensures that you were just a few moments away, at most, from having a great day out in the water.

What to Do in Kampung Ru Tapai

Of course, if you are visiting this location in your most likely coming for the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches in Kampung Ru Tapai. You will love a day in the sun, or out on the water enjoying a swim. There are also great opportunities for snorkeling or scuba diving, or you can take a boat out to be the beautiful islands of this region. There are also many different activities that occur on the beach you and your family can partake in.

If you are looking for great places to shop, you will find many different shopping plazas and stores near or around the beach areas. These not only offer needed items, but offer great souvenirs and other amenities that people may desire to take with them. You will also find fantastic restaurants serving local cuisine, as well as foods from around the globe.

If you are looking to get your groove on at night, you will find no better clubs on the planet than what is located in Kampung Ru Tapai. Here you will find great places to dance, drink, or mingle with people. There were clubs with all the different styles of music, and attract tourists from all over the world as well as indigenous persons. It’s truly a great place to have the time of your life.