Kampong Mangkok

Kampong Mangkok

One of the finest areas to visit in Malaysia is the area of Kampong Mangkok. This has become one of the trendiest areas on the planet for people to come and visit for a wide variety of reasons. It clearly has established itself as a must-see location for vacationers.

Why Is It So Trendy?

What sets Kampong Mangkok apart from many places is the unusual accommodations and sites that you would see in this area. One such place is the Terrapuri Heritage Village, which is a resort built completely without the use of nails. Using traditional Malaysian and Trengganu architecture, this is a beautiful villa resort that has wooden bathtubs, a rain forest shower, and a private veranda. It is so amazing that this entire structure stays together using this unusual set of architectural innovations.


Terrapuri Heritage Village, Penarik

Terrapuri Heritage Village, Penarik

Kampong Mangkok

Inspired by a 17th century Terengganu Palace, this heritage property features classic Malaysian-style villas that are each a century old.

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This is not the only place that people would love to stay at, but is just one example of the fantastic accommodations that are available in this beautiful resort area. You will find an amazing assortment of hotels, tans and resorts, that are within a short distance of the beach as well as other fantastic sites you will want to visit in this area.

Just about five minutes from the area is Penarik, a small fishing village that also is one of the most incredible turtle sanctuaries you will ever find. It is a beautiful wildlife that adds to the majesty of this great area and really provides quite an adventure for people of all ages.

What Can I Do in Kampong Mangkok?

Because of its incredible location on the planet, Kampong Mangkok is one of the best places that you could go to visit. The beautiful tropical weather provides a fantastic climate year-round. There were very few days when you can’t be outside in just a shorts and T-shirt if you so desire, allowing you to soak in the sun while letting your body be warmed by the tropical temperatures.

The beach areas of Kampong Mangkok are fantastic, and are alive with activity both day and night. Whether you are just wanting an exciting day out in the sun or to swim in the water, or you’re looking for a nightlife of partying and mingling with people from all over the world, you will find that their activities that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

The waters in the area are alive with some of the most spectacular sea life you will find anywhere on the planet. This affords you the opportunity to enjoy a great day of snorkeling or scuba diving where you can see these plants and animals in their natural habitat. It truly is spectacular.

Of course, Kampong Mangkok provides you with a large assortment of activities to be able to do in and around the area. This includes great shopping, restaurants, as well as wildlife preserves and museums you can visit. You will also find that you will be able to meet people from all of the world, allowing you to intermingle with cultures that will truly add to the experience of your vacation.