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How to reach Redang island in Malaysia


The Redang Island Malaysia is currently one of the most appreciated travel destinations in the area. It is extremely popular among Malaysians and Singaporeans, yet it has recently gained popularity in international travel offers as well. The beautiful marine life, numerous activities, water sports, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches draw the attention of numerous tourists from March to October. Getting to the Redang Island can be challenging for a foreigner, especially since it is not part of inland Malaysia. So, how do you reach there? See also: Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

By Air

The Pulau Redang Airport is the only one on the island. It is not actually an airport, but an airstrip with a few buildings. Berjaya Air is the only airline available in the area. In fact, it has also created this place for its customers. Traveling by plane from Kuala Lumpur takes around an hour. If you come from Singapore, the whole flight takes about 80 minutes. When thinking to visit the Redang Island, it is smart to make early reservations. The airport is close to the most important resorts in the Redang Island Malaysia.

The airport may not have air conditioning facilities or too many terminals, but it introduces you to the exotic profile of this island. The staff is friendly, while the outside is crowded in coaches waiting for their customers. Many of them are close to the airport. Renting a car to the destination is also an option.

By Boat, Ferry and Yacht

Many tourists choose the boat to visit the Redang Island because it is more cost efficient. A jetty service is available in Merang, while the trip takes around 40 minutes. As for the leaving and arrival times, they depend on the resort you plan to get to. Prices are not too diversified though.

Ferry traveling is another excellent way to get to the Redang Island. Tourists must take a ferry from Shahbandar – the central side of Kuala Terengganu. The journey leaves them in the southern side of the Redang Island Malaysia. This ride is about 75 minutes.

Finally, yachts can be rented as well, yet this option is indicated to large groups of people. If your group is small, the costs will be too high. Anyway, getting to the Redang Island by yacht implies renting a unit from Shahbandar. Such trips are more luxurious though.

By Car, Train or Coach

Traveling by car, train or coach is available inland. You can travel by any of these options around Malaysia or Singapore, but only to the coast. You have to travel by water then. Sure, you can avoid all these and take the plane, but you will miss the unique countryside.