Redang Island, largest of the nine islands consists of the Marine Park in the archipelago of Redang. It also includes some other islands like Lima island,Paku besar island,Paku kecil island.etc. One can reach this place by means of speed boat from Merang Jetty within 30 minutes. This place is famous for its abundant diversity of […]

pinang island - redang island

Need a distinct holiday experience then Redang Islands located near South China Sea is one of the best options. This island is renowned for its plentiful leisure activities and a distinct holiday experience. This island offers incredible nature’s bounty, crystal clear blue sea, pristine sun kissed beaches, and splendid coral reefs. Travelers can enjoy unlimited […]

Redang island clear water

Planning for a wonderful vacation with your family then Redang Island is one of the best options for it. This island is well-known for its tropical fishes, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The sea also offers amazing marine life with numerous coral reefs. This island is 7 km long and 6 km wide […]