Batu Rakit

Batu Rakit

Batu Rakit is a small town located in the Terengganu area of Malaysia. It is one of the most beautiful areas on earth that a person could choose to vacation and, not only because of his fantastic accommodations but also because of the natural beauty and quaint look of this small city. It is truly a vacation destination that will leave you with lasting memories for years to come.

A Little About Batu Rakit

Located just about 10 miles from the capital of Malaysia, this area is filled with beautiful beaches that provide activities and relaxation for the whole family. This area spent many centuries as a fishing village, and fishing is still at the center of most of its commerce, however, tourism has allowed vacationers to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Batu Rakit. They truly are spectacular.

Along the roadway parallels the coastline of this area heading up the South China Sea. This allows for easy access to the beach areas, as well as providing ample parking should you have your own vehicle while you’re vacationing here.


Seaside Lodge

Seaside Lodge

Batu Rakit
Seaside Lodge offers accommodation in Batu Rakit. Free private parking is available on site. Seaside Lodge features free WiFi throughout the property. You will find a shared kitchen at the property.

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Getting in and around Batu Rakit

The Sultan Mahmud Airport is located in the heart of Batu Rakit, making it easy to reach the city from various areas around the region. Once in the city there is a well-established transportation system of buses and taxis that can get you to any location. This makes it easy to enjoy your vacation by allowing you to have easy access to the places you want to get to.

A Fishing Village Must Have Great Delicacies

Because Batu Rakit is a fishing village you will find some very appetizing delicacies that the region is known for. One of the most popular ones for both the indigenous people and for visitors to try is keropoklekor. This fish sausage is wrapped in a very refined flour and is one of the most popular deep-fried dishes in Malaysia. In fact, many eat this is a popular snack food, but you should be aware that it is quite the acquired taste. Not everyone finds it is appetizing as the local people do.

Part of the issue that many have with keropoklekor is that the elongated sausages are unappealing to the imagination of some people. So it is more than just an acquired taste, but required look as well.

Along the shoreline you will find many vendors serving such things as prawns, mackerel fish, and rays. These dishes are deep-fried in a season batter until they are perfectly prepared. Most are served with a chili sauce made of coconut sugar that adds a very sweet and unique taste.

While you can enjoy the incredible beach areas, beautiful accommodations, and tropical temperatures of this area, for many tourists it is a sampling of local cuisine that really draws them into this area. You can enjoy a magnificent day out on the beach while still being able to sample these delicacies no matter where you are along the coastline. You will truly find that this is a tropical destination in paradise.