Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa, Redang

Beautiful beaches with pearl white sand, glittering blue water with warm sun offered all over the year in beautiful destination named as Redang Island Hotels. It is undoubtedly a heaven for travelers looking for an unusual blend of sun, sea and the countless coral reefs full of life with a colorful marine life. This destination […]

Redang Paradise Resort

Incredible nature’s abundance, pristine sun kissed beaches, crystal clear blue sea, and marvelous coral reefs are the charms of Redang Islands Hotels, famous for its ample leisure activities and a distinct holiday experience. Generally known as Redang, this is one of the most delightful holiday destinations, comprising of nine amazing islands, nestled amidst the majestic […]

Redang Island Resort

Various superb and fantastic islands in Malaysia that offers relaxing vacation to travelers. Several of them are well-known holiday destinations, for instance Palau Langkawi, Palau Tioman, Palau Redang and Palau Perhentian. Pulau means island in English which is a Malay term. Redang Island is an amazing holiday destination for visitors. It is famous for its […]

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Redang Island,one of the best and attractive destinations in the world offers a lot of things to the visitors. No doubt the visitors visit this island as they like the place due to its natural beauty and few activities like snorkelling and scuba diving, but apart from these there are many other things that one […]

snorkeling redang island 2

As you know there are a number of beautiful islands located in Malaysia that offers a taste to Asia that makes ones vacation memorable. Redang island is the best island in Malaysia that is famous for its crystal clear blue water that is meant for snorkelling and diving. The white sand also adds beauty to […]

Kampung Ru Tapai

Scuba Diving-worlds famous sport, is mostly famous in Malaysia. Malaysia is loved by many water sport enthusiasts and especially by those who like scuba diving. Thousands of people book their flight to Malaysia for this water sports. There are a wide number of diving destinations in this beautiful place and a few of them include […]

redang island palms beach

As you know Malaysia is a beautiful destination in the globe. It includes various destinations that offer amazing holiday vacation for the tourists. Some of them includes Redang Island, Pulau Tioman,Pulau Pehentian,etc. Among them the best ever island has been the Redang Island. This island is a wonderful destination for the tourists not because of […]