A few things to know before you plan a Trip to Redang Island

Kampung Penarik

Islands of Malaysia

There are several lovely Islands inside Malaysia, most of them can be visited during your travels yet not all offer a place to remain overnight. The Islands of Malaysia are partitioned in the Islands at the western landmass, the eastern promontory and the Islands around Borneo. All are similarly dazzling, however there enough contrasts between every Island. Among them the most well known Island is Redang.

Redang Island

Pulau Redang is a little Island assembles in the South Chinese Sea, on the east side of Peninsular Malaysia. Redang exists in ensured marine waters, otherwise called Terengganu Marine Park. It lies around 45 kilometres from the shore of the city of Kuala Terengganu. The Island is encompassed by crystal clear water and has different lovely diving possibilities for the enthusiasts. You can likewise snorkel around the Island; the coral reefs are healthy. Redang normally is not very crowded, however during local school occasions and public holidays it can get exceptionally occupied on the Island.

Brilliant destination for people who like a bit of luxury

The Island is particularly well known among explorers who like a bit more luxury during their stay. Redang has numerous delightful resorts; many of them are of international standards. Restaurants often are part of the resort; there are only a few privately owned restaurants on the Island. Most of the food & beverage outlets can be found at Pasir Panjang; the most mainstream beach of the Island. Resort restaurants generally serve a mix of local and western dishes. Nightlife as a rule rotates around the resort bars; liquor is accessible wherever on the Island.

Perfect diving conditions

Redang Island is a best place to dive. It is known for its stunning visibility and ancient coral reefs. During a dive you can see schools of jacks, fusiliers and trivialise, black tip reef sharks, hump head parrotfish, cuttlefish and turtles. There are even occasional sightings of manta rays and whale sharks. The expenses for a dive vary per resort (normally no more than RM100 per dive). Most resort sites will indicate costs with or without diving trips. Around Redang there are various astonishing diving spots, you can sign up for this at your Redang Island hotel or resort. When you stay during the start (or end) of the monsoon period, it may happen that the climate conditions won’t enable you to dive. Be aware of this.

Awesome for snorkelling as well

Snorkelling is likewise exceptionally fun around Redang Island. For this situation it implies that you can get the equipment and necessities on loan or lease at your resort. At some resorts you can straight snorkel from the beach (private reef or house reef), usually you will be assumed to a position to snorkel by boat. At the Marine Park Centre you can snorkel around a disaster area, you will also see some bigger fish here and sometimes even a turtle. In the event that you don’t dive and just might want to snorkel then maybe it is smarter to visit the neighbouring Island of Perhentian as the snorkelling conditions are much better there (however Perhentian has less joyful resorts). Best spot for snorkelling at Redang is along Pasir Panjang; particularly nearby the Redang Reef Resort.

Best time to visit Redang Island

The best time to visit Redang is from March to October. Though, in October it might already be too late. The northeast monsoon blows from November to February; resorts (except for The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort) are closed during this period. Because of this monsoon the underwater world is significantly less beautiful as visibility is terrible and there are currents. Avoid the Island during school holidays and public holidays.

There are numerous travel agents in Malaysia, yet finding a decent one might be challenging. They have various fun and affordable packages to Redang.  This should be possible specifically by means of the site of the resort or by means of popular Redang Island hotel site like redangisland.co.

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