Wonderful holidays are offered in the Redang Island


The beautiful Redang Island is famous for its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and tropical fishes which create some wonderful memories here. This island also gives you a magnificent marine life with a wide range of coral reefs. This island is having the area of 6 km wide and 7 km long land which is very small generally but actually it’s the largest one among the nine, which form the Redang Archipelago. The visitors to this island are mainly Singaporeans and Malaysians. Visitors mainly come here to spend some quality time with friends and family and relax in the stunning beaches.

Various types of water activities can be done in the stunning beaches of this island. Its gives you smooth and soft white sand with crystal blue colour water, which attracts many travelers coming to this destination. Snorkeling and diving are the main water activities offered in the beaches to enjoy the marine life. Visitors coming to this destination do not have many areas to walk around rather they can sit and relax in the stunning beaches away from the busy scheduled life.

As the island is too small the roads are on the middle of the island and join to the main areas such as southern fishing port, the jetty, the airport and the two resorts. The resorts in this island provide their own transporting for the tourists. While exploring the other side of the island they have to pay extra for their transportation.

This island also gives you an incredible night life for the tourists coming here. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the myriad of stars with wonderful drinks and foods offered by the open bars which are available in the beautiful beaches. The dimness of the night enlightening even more stars in the sky. It is a magnificent place to have a beautiful vacation by just chilling out in the stunning beaches.

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