This vacation rejuvenate yourself with the beauty of nature

snorkeling redang island

Redang Island is one of the biggest certainly attractions for the beaches. The island has two eye-catching beaches: in Pasir Panjang or Long Beach and Teluk Dalam Kecil. The first is situated on the east side of the island; it lies next to a small river in the north-east close to the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort Redang. The Redang resort is a five-star hotel and also one of the most well-liked things for tourists. Transportation such as ferry bus from the airport is available. For your vacation stay you can choose the Laguna Redang Island Resort apart from the resort facilities. The beach which is 800 meters long, that’s why it is commonly known as The Long Beach. Lots of hotels and resorts are located along the white sand and offer a splendid view over the water.

This destination (which is commonly known as Palau Redang) Located around 45 kilometers from the coast of Kuala Terengganu, is a very attractive island which has become the most popular destination among tourists. This destination is not only the largest island of Terengganu, but also has very beautiful green forests with white sand and blue sea makes it such as paradise, which is not be easily forgotten.

Marine Life

The island and the other nine islands that make up the archipelago have been designated as marine parks according to the Fisheries Act of 1985. On account of this reason, Redang offers tourists such a rare opportunity to see and interact with marine life in ways that usually not available. Scuba diving is another great and adventurous way to pay the marine life a spectacular visit. Therefore, diving boats are almost constantly traveling around into the waters between the islands.

For instance, you can watch the hawksbill turtles, coral reef and black-tip reef sharks and giant clams in your underwater visit. You can also hand feed the fishes when you choose to snorkel in the beautiful water.

If you make a decision to dive under the water, you can see the two famous wrecks from World War II. Both HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales which were sunk by the Japanese and now other people especially divers can take a look at the form of underwater devastation.

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