Enjoy the vacation in the beautiful beaches of Redang Island

Redang Island Resort

Various superb and fantastic islands in Malaysia that offers relaxing vacation to travelers. Several of them are well-known holiday destinations, for instance Palau Langkawi, Palau Tioman, Palau Redang and Palau Perhentian. Pulau means island in English which is a Malay term.

Redang Island is an amazing holiday destination for visitors. It is famous for its white sandy beach, pristine nature, compelling beauty and azure sea water, and also because of its beautiful corals and fauna as well as a national marine park that has loads of attractive marine life. The marine park is located at the northeastern of Malaysia Peninsular which is about 22 km away from the mainland. It is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in Asia.

Pasir Panjang beach is the most amazing beach on Palau Redang, which is the longest one. It stretches for more than 800m long. Being a peaceful holiday resort it has best quality white sandy beach, rich marine environment, crystal clear sea water and many more world-class Redang Island accommodations. It is a resort for total relaxation. There are so much more you can do on this magnificent island.

Huge numbers of beach activities are offered here such as relaxing on the beach and watching the magnificent sunrise and sunset. Snorkeling in the deep blue sea and watching the fishes swimming, you can also enjoy scuba diving to the sea watching creatures, attractive corals, turtles etc. you can also get the opportunity to play beach volleyball.

Each year during the month of November to March the Northeast Monsoon blows on this island and for these reasons hotels are closed during this period. From the month of April to September Island was peaceful and offers best time to visit for the travelers. Palau Redang will absolutely promise you with an incredible holiday for total relaxation.

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