Redang Island-The Best Holiday Destination

redang island palms beach

As you know Malaysia is a beautiful destination in the globe. It includes various destinations that offer amazing holiday vacation for the tourists. Some of them includes Redang Island, Pulau Tioman,Pulau Pehentian,etc. Among them the best ever island has been the Redang Island.

This island is a wonderful destination for the tourists not because of its pristine beauty, but also for the white sandy beaches and clear sea water. Apart from this , it is also rich in beautiful corals, flaora and fauna and also for its attractive marine life.

Coming to the location of this beautiful island, this is located 22 kms away from the north east part of the Malaysia. It is considered to be the best place for diving.

There are various famous beaches on this Island. One of them is the Pasir Panjang beach which extends up to 800m.This is one of the island where you can spend a wonderful vacation. Here, the soft sandy beaches, transparent sea water, the marine environment, accommodations, etc. are what that one can find here. This is completely a place to relax.

There is a wide range of activities that one can do on the beaches. You can watch the sunrise and sunset, snorkelling in the sea water, scuba diving, etc .If you are a lover of snorkelling as well as diving, then this is the best place.

There is a marine park called Redang Island Marine Park, which is famous for the protection of marine life. One can closely encounter a countless numbers of marine life, starting from eels, wrasses, sharks, etc to hawk hill turtles.

From the month of November to March, the north east monsoon blows on this island. The best time to visit this island is April to September. It is sure that this island will offer a fantastic holiday.

Thus, this island comprises of tons and tons of wonderful destinations. If you are interested in visiting this island, then search on the internet. You can find a wide array of websites that can offer you information and REDANG ISLAND OFFICIAL WEBSITE is one of them. It provides detailed information about Redang island and its nearby areas. Apart from this, it also offers information on how to visit this place, what other cities are located near to this place, beaches located on this destination, activities carried out here, etc. Even you can also know about the marine park, the beaches, etc. You can also book flight tickets, hotels, etc. Here, you can also find travel insurance for your travel. To know more, visit this link

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