Best Things to Do in Redang Island

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As you know there are a number of beautiful islands located in Malaysia that offers a taste to Asia that makes ones vacation memorable. Redang island is the best island in Malaysia that is famous for its crystal clear blue water that is meant for snorkelling and diving. The white sand also adds beauty to it. You might be thinking what to do in this island.Okay..well this island is best for a romantic trip, honeymoon trip, trekking, diving, etc.

Below given are some of the best thing that you can do on Redang Island.

The beautiful sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset are the two things that can soothe ones souls. One of the interesting thing about this Island is nothing, but the clear whether. This island receives enough sunlight. Morning are beautiful with rays of sun falling on the ground. The scene is quite beautiful with fresh air as well as cool air blowing.

Snorkelling Trip

This beautiful island is famous not only for its transparent sea water, but also for snorkelling .A large number of visitors like this island, because of its healthy coral reefs .Here ,you can also find baby sharks as well as turtles during snorkelling. This is available at a quite affordable price. The price of this snorkelling varies from RM 70-90 which involves some of the basic charges, but if more equipment is required then it may cost a bit more. The water is not that deep that one cannot snorkel .Even you can opt for boat rides and ferry trips by means of which you can see the beautiful marine life.


This island provides a large range of animal diversity. Here, you can find a large number of plants and animal species that you might not have seen .If you are one of those people who loves climbing and walking, then you should surely try this. There are two most appreciated place to trek and they are the village road to Pasir Panjang trekking and the other one is the Pasir Panjang to Teluk Dlam.

Summer Holidays Movie Set

If you are a lover of movies, then you might have watched summer holidays and you might be knowing that the movie was shoot at Redang Island. The Mo Mo cha Inn is located in between Redang Reed and Redang Beach resorts.

Dive deep in the sea water

Deep Diving in the sea water is known as Scuba diving. And this is another recommended thing that one can do on this island. This island provides a lot of diving sites like Tanjung Lang and Tanjung Tokong which are considered to be the famous diving spots in the whole world.

Underwater photography

This is a common activity in this island. You can rent out cameras to capture pictures. Even if you wish, you can copy those pictures to CD and DVD’s

Thus, these are the best things to do on Redang Island. If you are interested in visiting this island, then search on the internet. The internet can offer you lot of information on this place. Even there are many websites that provide information on this island and REDANG ISLAND MALAYSIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE is one of them. It provide information on Redang island hotels, resorts, nearby islands, travel tickets ,etc at an affordable price. To know more, click here

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