Best Five Diving Destinations in Malaysia

Kampung Ru Tapai

Scuba Diving-worlds famous sport, is mostly famous in Malaysia. Malaysia is loved by many water sport enthusiasts and especially by those who like scuba diving. Thousands of people book their flight to Malaysia for this water sports. There are a wide number of diving destinations in this beautiful place and a few of them include the following.

Lankayan Island

This is a small island located in the northern direction of the Sandakan city .Here, you can find a large number of luxury resorts. The accommodation cost is bit high here. There are many diving spots in this island and a large number of people book tickets to this island to experience scuba diving.


This is a traditional tropical island .It encompasses concrete landing script and has one resort. This island is not located in any commercialised place, but diving offers a lot of fun. If you spent money to visit this island, then it would be worth visiting. It is not only because of the pristine beauty of this island, but is also for the scuba diving. And this is the best place for seasonal diver.

Tenggol Isle

This is situated on the east coast region of the Peninsular Malaysia. This place provides few finest diving conditions in the world, but the water current is very tricky .There are a wide number of resorts located here. You can hire them depending on your budget. Diving is the best activity.


This is a wonderful island located in the Peninsular Malaysia. Even this is a good venue to exercise diving. This place is famous as it allows both snorkelling and kayaking apart from scuba diving.

Redang Island

This is a big hit for the people who visit Malaysia. This is located in the Terrengganu Marine Park, and it is famous for its beautiful diving sites as well as for its weather condition. An airport is located right on the Island from where there are few flights that flies. Therefore, it is wise to contact a travel company to get a ticket to this place. Apart from this, it is also wise not to visit this place between October to March.

Thus, these are the top five diving destinations in Malaysia. Among these islands, Redang Island is the best one. If you are one of those who likes scuba diving and wants to visit Redang Island then contact REDANG ISLAND MALAYASIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE .It provides detail information on the nearby destinations, marine park, beaches, activities and many more.. If you want, you can book hotels here as well can find flights at an affordable rate. Wish to know more? Click here

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