Activities in Redang Island.

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Redang Island,one of the best and attractive destinations in the world offers a lot of things to the visitors. No doubt the visitors visit this island as they like the place due to its natural beauty and few activities like snorkelling and scuba diving, but apart from these there are many other things that one can carry out and few of them includes the following.

Try the yummy local foods

There are many people who visit this island, love to try to local cuisine. These people get themselves indulge in each and every type of the delights. This island provides a wide variety of authentic foods that is enjoyed by many tourists coming from various corners of the world.

There is a food court namely Redang Laguna Food Court that offers local cuisines at an affordable price. This food court provides dinner and is a must try place in this island. Fish curry is another famous item in this island. Apart from this, Sandfly cafe is a great food court situated in Pasir Panjang that provides not only local, but also western foods.

Night Life Fun

Redang island does not have much more to offer except the Karaoke-the Chinese tourists. Alcohol is the most popular drinks in this island. These are available at a very affordable rate

Turtle watching

This is one of the common activities that people usually love in this island. Pasir Chagar Hutang is one of the main places in this island, where the turtles lay eggs. Green turtles are the most common ones found in this island. People of this island believe that these turtles come from Indonesia and Philippines to lay eggs. A lot of research regarding these turtles is going on in this island.

Go for a Spa

In this Island there are numerous beach resorts. They offer you various types of massages which can soothes your body. There are two famous spa’s that are quite famous. The first one is the Taaras Beach and spa Resorts and the second one is the Sari Pacifica and spa. Apart from these two, there are also various massage centres present here.


Enjoying is the most important part of your vacation. Apart from exploring everything on the island, you can also relax and have fun in the beach. This island offers building sandcastle and playing volleyball on the beach. These activities can help you in boosting your immune system.

Thus, these are few activities that this island offer to its tourist. If you are interested in visiting this place, then search on the internet. You can find a wide number of websites offering information and REDANG ISLAND MALAYASIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE is one of them. It provides you information on Redang Island, nearby beaches, nearby places such as perhentian islands, pinang island, kampong penarik and many more. You can easily get to know about the activities being carried out here from this website. Even you can book your flight as well as hotel at an affordable rate. Click here to know more

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